Yes, Size Does Matter!

The old adage which states that size matters, while not true for every situation in life, is definitely true when it comes to the quality of entertainment technology. The larger the speakers, the better the sound. The larger the display, the more pleasing and more realistic it is. The larger the display, the more attention that it attracts. And this is one the most important aspects of effective, outdoor advertising.

Digital displays are the in thing today, and are gaining popularity across the globe as one of the most attractive, interactive and dynamic sources of advertising. Big screen digital displays are not alien to any one of us. They are prominent at round abouts and junctions in the cities, strategically planted in places where crowds tend to gather, and traffic tends to build up. They are set up outside and atop buildings that are not too tall, such as malls and cinemas and run advertisements to showcase the stores, the services and products that can be found within the premises.

And there’s more. Big screen in Adelaide displays have other uses too. They are very useful at sporting events where the score of each team or each player should be clearly visible to the entire stadium of spectators. They are useful in airports, to display the details of incoming and outgoing flights, and to highlight any changes that may occur. They are widely used within malls and shopping precincts, to showcase various information about the shops and offers in the premises. In the great outdoors, they are also used in the highways, tollways and freeways to bring attention to various messages that are important to motorists on the move.

The evolution of television technology has been harnessed in these digital indoor and outdoor displays. As such, the latest technology of light emitting diodes (or LEDs) is what is now used in these giant displays. These produce brighter and more vivid colours while consuming considerably less energy in doing so. They are also much more durable and long lasting when compared to the old fashioned cathode ray tubes (CRT) and Liquid crystal displays (LCDs).

With the software that comes bundled with these displays, you are able to manipulate what is shown exactly as you wish. So whether you want to show images, videos or graphics, or whether you wish to design a scoreboard to be displayed at a sporting event, or even if you want to stream a live concert to a different audience in another location, the accompanying software will allow you to showcase just about anything that you wish to display.