Go Beyond The Poster: Future Of OOH Advertising

Outside-Of-Home advertising keeps on being a powerful medium in the marketing business. The application of OOH exhibits has been around for quite a while as the very first posters appeared around the late 1800’s. The reason why OOH publicizing has stuck around as a powerful method for showcasing for a long period of time is due to the fact that it keeps on advancing and conform alongside the social changes and technological developments that surrounds it. As things proceed to change and innovation keeps on advancing, the eventual fate of OOH marketing will continue to be reshaped. These are few new trends in OOH marketing. 

Building signpost

Despite the fact that building signage is not the main thing that may ring a bell when we discuss outdoor marketing, it is a standout amongst the most powerful and critical sorts of outdoor exhibits accessible to your business. Building signage is the thing that gives your location, and presence to potential clients as they are driving by or struggling to find you. Your signage must be distinctive, big and clear to commuters, day or night. Consider placing a display system with any special directions to reach a specific area.

Branded vehicles

Office vehicles can be interesting moving ads used to get the word about your new products or services out. The best sorts of vehicles to promote on are vans or work trucks, however any vehicle with space on the windshields or doors can do the work. When planning for a vehicle wrap or vinyl, it’s vital to keep in mind that your vehicle will regularly be seen while moving, so keep the message and contact info short and sweet. Other commenters won’t have plenty of time to analyze your graphics, so make the message as simple as possible.


Bulletins are the most exemplary, and most notable, type of OOH exhibits at hand. As per historical records, the initial billboards were huge carnival notices used in 1835. Bulletins in a given zone are commonly owned by one organization and are then leased on short term rent contracts. The cost of a billboard rental depends primarily on the number of bulletins posted, the size and the location. In general, a billboard on a central location will cost closer to $1,500 per month. Because of their higher cost, billboards should ideally to be used as one a player in a bigger advertising campaign with a specific end goal to get the maximum results.